[Harry rolled his eyes in a playful manner before tearing a piece of paper towel from its roll and dabbing the peroxide onto it. He then grabbed her finger in his own and began dabbing the cut with the newfound medicine] Sh, it doesn’t hurt that bad, see? [He asked lightly before pulling the paper towel from her cut and pressing it to his soft lips. Her skin was truly so fucking soft it was unbelievable] Ready for the band aid, babe?


[At first when the peroxide touched her cut, she felt nothing but a small dampness, but it began to sting lightly shortly afterwards. Feeling the sudden burst of light pain, she tried hard to not jerk her finger back to her mouth and succeeded] I-It’s not that terrible.. [Feeling his lips on her finger she blushed lightly, though she wasn’t sure as to why she did so, he was her brother. Why was she so nervous around him] Y-Yeah..

[Sighs softly before turning to one of the cabinets and pulling out a box of band aids and some peroxide] It’s not gonna hurt too bad, I promise. You’ll let your big brother clean you up, won’t you? [He asked as he stared into her milk chocolate eyes, taking in how beautiful she actually was]


[Gemma let out a soft sigh and nodded] Yeah- Just… Make it quick, I want this over as soon as possible, ya’ know? [Lightly gripping the side of his shirt she grimaced, though it turned to a small smile as they stared at each other] This can’t be too bad, can it..?

Gem? [Bites at his lip, just a little before moving towards her] What’s happened, babe? What’d you do to your finger?


[Glances up at him] I was trying to cut a few things for a salad, but I accidently cut myself instead.. Way to go Gemma..

Shit.. [Sucks on her finger lightly, trying to rid of the blood] I really need to learn how to use a knife safely..

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